By Fiona Bettesworth | 26 April 2018

Refill Bali

If you’re a frequent traveler to Indonesia, or even if you’ve only been once, you’d know to stick to bottled or filtered water to avoid getting struck down with a case of ‘Bali belly.’

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest plastic polluters, with 3.22 million metric tons discarded every year.

Over 5 million travelers visit Bali every year, with each of them consuming around 4 plastic water bottles a day, this plastic problem is exacerbated by tourism. It’s no wonder the Balinese government declared a plastic emergency on the island.

Bali sits right in the middle of the Indonesian Throughflow, a current that travels through the Indonesian Straits, from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. The plastic waste converging on Bali isn’t just coming from local pollution. But finding a way to tackle the problem at the local level is a good start.

That’s where RefillMyBottle comes in. A co-operative, community effort aimed at supporting a straight-forward solution.

Re-using and re-filling your water bottle over the length of your stay is a simple and easy way to help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up on Indonesian beaches and in the ocean. And thanks to this group of sustainably minded folk, there’s now a network of refilling stations across the island. Allowing visitors to fill up their water bottle, and fight back against the rising tide of plastic waste polluting Bali’s beaches.

Hotels, shops, warungs, and retreats have teamed up to offer travelers refills of clean water, and the project has expanded to include over 360 refilling stations across Bali, the Gilis, and in Yogyakarta too!

RefillMyBottle have a handy google map of all the locations where you can stop in to fill up. But, they’re aiming to do even more.

The team has launched a crowdfunding campaign, to help them roll out an app that will make finding and accessing refill stations easier, as well as raising awareness amongst community conscious travelers about ways they can reduce the amount of plastic waste caused by tourism.

We think it’s a great idea, and we’re excited to support the RefillMyBottle movement, and their efforts tackling the impacts of mass tourism throughout the Indonesian archipelago!

If you love the idea as much as we do, share the news about their campaign. Or if you’re feeling generous, consider donating a dollar or two!


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