By Fiona Bettesworth | 25 October 2017

Real Indonesia Travel Local Partners (2)-min

Real Indonesia is excited to partner with Five Pillar Foundation in Bali to offer travellers authentic, community-based travel experiences – as an alternative to mass-tourism.

Soon we’ll be releasing the dates and full itineraries of our heavily discounted pilot (test) tours, delivered by Five Pillar Foundation in Bali. Our email subscribers will get exclusive access to the discount codes for these experiences – so make sure anyone you know who might be interested is signed up HERE. These experiences will be sold exclusively through Real Indonesia. To learn more about these travel experiences, read our last blog post here.

About Five Pillar Foundation

Five Pillar Foundation is a community development organization and social enterprise based in West Bali with the following aims:

To develop the full potential of villages and communities using an integrated approach that considers the five pillars of economic, social, environment, educational, and cultural development.

To develop and curate sustainable eco- and community-based travel experiences that create economic opportunity for local communities while also raising international awareness around local Balinese values.

Some of the members of the Five Pillar Foundation team together with local community members, with 'Ingke' - traditional hand-woven baskets made from sticks of coconut.


Five Pillar Foundation’s Activities

Five Pillar Foundation run a variety of activities throughout communities in West Bali and beyond.

🔶Community-based tourism: an alternative to mass-tourism - on these travel experiences they showcase and highlight Balinese culture and the island of Bali to curious visitors and foster friendships between local Balinese villages and international communities

🔷Local community development - they engage local Balinese village communities through developing opportunities for community-based tourism, promoting local enterprise and providing educational workshops for local Balinese village communities (including free English classes for youth)

🔶Customised programs in Bali – they design and develop customised retreats, CSR/service learning programs, conferences/summits, research and fellowship programs, workshops, seminars, and leadership training programs in Bali.

Wira and Alan, the founders of Five Pillar Foundation, exploring West Bali together with Fiona, the Founder of Real Indonesia.


Who Started Five Pillar Foundation?

Five Pillar Foundation was founded in 2008 by I Putu Wiraguna ("Wira") and Alan J. Yu.

Wira is a young Balinese community leader, social innovator, and social entrepreneur. He has a strong passion to share Balinese culture with the world and works with youth from remote villages in West Bali to help them develop skills so that that they can create new opportunities in rural areas and work with their communities to protect their environment and cultural traditions.

Alan is an American leadership development specialist, organizational and personal development consultant, educator, and concerned global citizen based out of Southeast Asia. He thrives in enabling individuals and communities to come together to unleash new imaginative possibilities addressing commonly held concerns.

They work together with an agile team of Balinese young people.


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