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New Sustainable Tours Are Running In Bali And They’re Worth Your Hard Earned Dollies

You’ve probably spent one too many long weekends in Bali, soaking in the sun while looking over the vast blue ocean and sipping on endless Bali Moons. However, between the pools, beaches, and the luxurious villas, there’s a whole chunk of glorious Bali that you probably haven’t discovered yet.

Real Indonesia, a sustainable tour company determined to give you an authentic and life-changing travel experience, promises to immerse you in the heart and culture of Indonesia. They offer a couple of customised tours which take you across rural Bali, giving you a taste of what everyday life in Indonesia looks like, and showing you a beautiful side to Bali which often escapes the travel pamphlets. These tours, designed to help you explore Bali like a local, also support the local Balinese people and aid in community development.

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SHOP LOCAL: Start-up gives Real Indonesia experience

CRAWLEY-based start-up travel tour company Real Indonesia wants to provide a genuine experience while benefiting the residents of Indonesia.

“Real Indonesia’s travel experiences are designed in conjunction with local villagers, allowing them the opportunity to present their culture to visitors in the way they wish that remains respectful towards their traditions,” founder Fiona Bettesworth (26) said.

The company is based at the IQX innovation centre and business incubator at UWA. It is working on an alternative to mass tourism for the villagers who live away from the built-up areas of Bali.

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Introducing Real Indonesia! Business Owner Fiona Bettesworth aims to do travel differently. With a focus on authentic and sustainable experiences, Real Indonesia provides socially and environmentally conscious travellers with opportunities to give back to the local communities they visit. 

They partner with local organisations on the ground in Indonesia to design and deliver unique, educational and immersive experiences that showcase the diverse heritage, rich history and remarkable beauty. Learn more about this tourism business below.

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Practice Exchange 2018 Sustaining Indigenous Wisdom and Cultures—Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island and province of Indonesia located just east of the principal island of Java. Renowned for their sense of imagination and highly-developed artistic skills in sculpture, painting, dance, and music passed down through the generations, the Balinese are especially adept at symbolizing meanings of customs and institutions through arts, rituals, and ceremonies.

Today, Balinese culture and society are quickly changing as a result of increased tourism and free trade with the Western world.

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The island of Bali in Indonesia is arguably one of the most visited islands in Indonesia. Each year, over 5 million tourists come to Bali. They come from around the world, particularly Australia, and also throughout Indonesia. Many tourists come to the beaches. But more and more tourists are also coming for a chance to experience the unique culture of Bali. And in my opinion, the best way to experience that culture is to take a Bali day tour!

We recently partnered with a company called Real Indonesia to explore the island of Bali. We also had a chance to experience the cultural practices that still exist in Bali. It was an interesting day of learning and entertainment for our family. And our kids had a memorable time during their day of cultural immersion.