With a focus on authentic and sustainable experiences Real Indonesia aims to do travel differently, providing socially and environmentally conscious travellers with opportunities to give back to the local communities they visit. We partner with local organisations on the ground in Indonesia to design and deliver unique, educational and immersive experiences that showcase the diverse heritage, rich history and remarkable beauty that can be found beyond the tourist strips of Bali.


Empowering Indonesian Small Businesses

Rather than partnering with big established companies, we partner with small local tourism businesses and have one specialist local partner for each destination. Real Indonesia helps our local partners reach international customers and we help build their capacity by financially supporting them to join a first aid training course, for example.

Providing the Security of an Australian Company

We understand that you may have concerns about travelling beyond the tourist strips of Bali - not knowing where to go and who to book with. Real Indonesia aims to take the hassle and worry out of your next trip. Our local partners are experienced, our travel experiences have been tried and tested and we offer the security of processing your payment as a registered Australian company.

Creating Connections Through Authentic Travel Experiences

Real Indonesia prides itself on the authenticity of our travel experiences. While you're on a Real Indonesia Travel Experience you'll have a local guide showing you around their local area and you'll have the opportunity to interact with local people. Your travel experience won't be like any other holiday, it will be an opportunity for you to truly connect and build your understanding of the real Indonesia.

There are so many beautiful destinations in Indonesia, with so many beautiful local Indonesians, ready to show off their part of the world. Many of them speak English and are experienced in hosting international tourists. But they don’t have the capacity to market to Australians. This is where Real Indonesia can help, by partnering with local tour operators, trying and testing their tours, and connecting them with international customers.

- Fiona. Founder, Managing Director.



Fiona Bettesworth

Founder & Managing Director

Community Development, Indonesian-speaker & Indonesia-enthusiast

Fiona first conceptualized and began developing the Real Indonesia dream in 2015. As founder and managing director, she serves as the driving force behind Real Indonesia’s mission; to use tourism as a force for change, developing the capacity of local host communities and building the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia through meaningful cultural exchange. A passionate advocate for sustainable travel that boasts positive impacts, she speaks fluent Indonesian and has explored the archipelago extensively.

Outside of her commitment to Real Indonesia, Fiona works in community development for a local government in Western Australia.


Eliana Bollati

Media & Public Relations Advisor

Journalist, Indonesia-lover

Eliana joined the Real Indonesia team in March 2018 to help with the team’s PR and media outreach. A great lover of travel, she fell in love with Indonesia while interning with the United Nations in Jakarta and has returned regularly in the years since. Having lived abroad in both Europe and the USA, she understands the value of cultural exchange in building lasting relationships and ardently believes tourism can be a force for good.

Eliana currently works part-time as a freelance writer and consultant in the fields of journalism, content creation and public relations.


Rifka Setia Arianti

Branding & Social Media Strategist

Indonesian expert-global traveler & host

Rifka wears many hats for Real Indonesia. She joined the team in September 2017 and specializes in social media and graphic design. A self-professed globetrotter, Rifka has extensive experience living, working and traveling abroad in both Australia and Europe. She’s also hosted travelers from all over the world in her hometown of Bandung, West Java, providing them with the chance to see the real Indonesia through the eyes of a local, making her the perfect candidate to help achieve Real Indonesia’s dream of promoting understanding through intercultural exchange.

Rifka currently works as a creative director & web designer in Bali.


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